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2015 Pinot Grigio

Our newly released Pinot Grigio is delightfully crisp with hints of green apple, citrus and refreshing grapefruit accents. Light and flavorful, this traditional Italian white wine balances

a dry and fruity finish.


2014 Zinfadel Rose'

Dry, fresh and vibrant filled with splashes of wild strawberries and cherries.


2013 Sangiovese

This Chianti-style red is smooth, supple and easy to drink. It is garnet hued in color with hints of cherry and vanilla on the nose. A great red wine for white wine drinkers!

2012 Barbera

In Italy, Barbera is known as the "everyday wine." Our Barbera fills the air with exotic spiced pungency. It boasts nuances of pepper, anise and a hint of peppermint.

2011 Vino Rojo

A delicious blend, created by Berton and Connor, combines the bold, dry backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon with the spiciness of Petite Sirah and the fruitiness of Zinfandel.

2012 Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is known as the heart healthy wine. This is due to the high concentration of anthocyanins and pigments in the Petite Sirah. This is our most robust wine. It is deep purple in color with a very bold and fruity nose and pallet.


2013 Late Harvest Chardonnay

Crisp, light and refreshing. Full bodied and handcrafted the traditional Italian way. A perfect dessert wine.

2011 Vino Dulce

This sweet dessert wine was custom made from late harvest Zinfandel grapes. Taste how the flavors delicately combine to give you a rich jammy sensation that goes great after dinner or on ice cream!

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